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The consulting services, offered by CAT to airlines, airports, tourism companies and corporate business are structured into four major segments, which can be individually combined - or can be viewed separately.


1. Sales

Example: Companies which would like to enhance and improve their (German) sales and distribution channels. Service-Profile>


2. Marketing

Example: Companies which have a clear (destination) profile and would like to position, develop and enhance their presence and awareness in German markets.


3. Business Development + Customer Relations

Example: Companies who are seeking to develop and expand their (strategic) partnerships in important customer segments. For example, airports can play an important role by linking airlines, local tourism organizations and business travellers to their regional market or catchment area. Service-Profile>


4. Travel-Management

Target group: Medium-seized and smaller corporates with a travel budget (flights) of some € 40,000 annually, seeking to establish more efficient and cost-conscious travel monitoring. Service-Profile>

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