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The concentration of the tourism markets, the consequences of new mushrooming new low cost suppliers, the rapid developments within the growing regional markets of the EEC, resulting in increasing competition and shrinking yields, has forced companies to act immediately and dynamically if they want to survive. Business development- and marketing concepts may deliver some results in the short term. However, customer relation concepts require special strategic considerations: you have to live them.

Travel expenses are not only a big issue within large corporations. A precise travel management structure is often only partially existent in small or medium-sized companies. Considerable saving potentials are not systematically identified. However, the pressure to save costs remains ever present.



The travel industry faces a continuous process of short-term changes. Competition is more and more aggressive. Low Cost concepts start to dominate many markets.


Consequently, the short-winded activity of the market dictates the actions of its participants: share holder value is dominant and companies have to follow its rules. Very often, strategic business tools are no longer given top priority. In the long-term this tendency is not healthy.


In particular, the dynamic and efficient blend of interdependent tactics and strategic combinations creates clear and calculable goals for companies.


For example, the development and care of qualitative customer relations are paramount to many service-oriented companies. But what is the reality? Good concepts are often abandoned in the hectic of daily business and are never realized in a consequent and consistent manner. This can often be observed in other fields too, like business development concepts.


This is the point where CAT jumps in to help companies identify a (strategic) platform: to develop customer potentials on solid ground, to position them as an attractive “asset”, an asset which allows them to get one step ahead of their competitors. CAT will help companies achieve success in important sectors of sales and marketing and save costs – as often budgets are burned without having any discernible impact.


Another area of activity is travelmanagement. Here, spendings and savings are often in a diametrical relation. With the introduction of zero commissions, many companies have to look even closer to their supplier´s offers. CAT helps these companies lower their travel expenses and optimize their travel management organization.

Or again expressed using health care terminology: the therapy concentrates on achieving a continuous state of fitness for the organization being treated. Only a well-trained and permanently challenged organism will have the capability to produce a sustained and successful performance.

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