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Reflecting the scenario> described, the client may choose between three services:


1. General health check (prophylaxis)

The anamnesis or -"patient's history"-. The present status of the organization under examination. After having analysed conditions, recommendations will be submitted to improve the fitness of the company.


2. Detailed and careful examination and therapy

Based on the results of the general health check, a thorough program will be developed. The aim of this program is to achieve continuous and solid improvement of general and specific performance.


3. Acute therapy

Acute therapy will focus on specific improvement of an organ within the (client`s) organization – which needs immediate support. Or in other words: special attention is given to a particular area of the organization in order to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the company as a whole.


The pertinent and individual action instruments are put together according to the elements introduced in the following chapter service-profil>.


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